SATIMO: Breakthrough Innovation Triggers Industrial Adventure

A few milestones:

1986: Creation of an engineering office
1986-1995: Development of the first multi-probe systems
1996-1998: Industrialisation
1999-2005: Expansion
2005: Listed on Alternext
2005-2008: Growth and acquisitions

Creation of an engineering office
SATIMO SA (Société d’Applications Technologiques de l’Imagerie Micro-Onde SA) was founded in 1986 with the objective of developing high-speed microwave field measurement systems. The company started as a spin-off from the French engineering school Supélec, benefiting from years of research in the field of the Modulated Scatterer Technique.

Development of the first multi-probe systems
During its first ten years, SATIMO performed research and prototyping of antennas, antenna measurement systems, non-destructive testing equipment, and tomographic imaging systems. SATIMO was entirely focused on the French Market and relied only on few customers.

The founder, Prof. Jean-Charles Bolomey, decided to drastically change this situation by naming Philippe Garreau as the C.E.O. of SATIMO.

In 1996, the company underwent a re-organization. The business plan was changed to focus mainly on antenna measurement systems for the telecom market and the first SG64 spherical near field range was installed in 1998. From then on, SATIMO has established itself as a leader in antenna measurement technology, with a total of more than 200 measurement systems in operation worldwide.

To support its worlwide clients, SATIMO started to expand its office in 1999 with the establishment of a US branch office in Atlanta, GA. Today, SATIMO is a truly international company, with expert staff from a large number of countries and cultures, with more than 7 offices worldwide (two in France, one in China, one in Italy, one in Japan, one in Sweden, and one in the USA).

The year 2003 constitutes an important milestone in SATIMO’s history. A multiprobe measurement solution dedicated to the automotive industry is successfully launched. SATIMO also introduces StarLab, a compact and low cost, real-time antenna test station.

Listed on Alternext
In 2005, SATIMO becomes a publicly traded company with its listing on the Euronext stock exchange in France. With the additional resources available after its IPO, SATIMO successfully adaptis its technology for large antenna measurement systems for the defense and aerospace markets. SATIMO also starts development of some of other product lines, including systems for industrial inspection and microwave imaging for medical and defense applications.

Growth and acquisitions
SATIMO gains market share in numerous key customer accounts. New product developments lead to major sales in the Telecommunication, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Academic segments.

In June 2007, SATIMO realized its first acquisition by merging with ANTENNESSA, a French High-Tech company specialized in antenna and RF safety products. With this operation, SATIMO broadened its product portfolio and strengthened its leadership in measurement systems of the electromagnetic field. In March 2008, SATIMO announced its acquisition of ORBIT/FR (with its subsidiary AEMI).

Building in Brest

SATIMO plans to use cross-fertilization of SATIMO and ORBIT/FR technologies to create a wider market offering in electromagnetic test and measurement. A key synergy of the alliance is the combination of SATIMO’s high speed electronic probe array technology with ORBIT/FR’s precision electromechanical systems.

The marriage of these technologies allows the marketing of new products featuring high throughput measurement suites that collect high accuracy data at greater speeds than previously possible for both commercial and defense applications.

SATIMO, ORBIT/FR and AEMI are now part of the Microwave Vision Group, with 12 offices or subsidiaries on all 3 major continents. This new leadership allows SATIMO, ORBIT/FR and AEMI to combine their complementary geographic footprints and increase their ability to compete worldwide with expanded sales forces and more responsive customer support teams.