Our Technology

SATIMO has developed a unique technology: MV-Scan. This technology utilizes anywhere from ten to hundreds of electronically-
scanned probes. This set of probes can be compared to the rods and cones lining the inner surface of the eye. This “microwave eye” is 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional technologies, which use a single, mechanically-moved probe.

Multiprobe Technology


ProbesOver the years, multiprobe technology has been drastically improved. The first arrays used the modulated scattering technique based on pin diodes and spiral antennas.

After years of development, in the late nineties, SATIMO conceived a one-of-its-kind integrated probe offering a dynamic range and an accuracy level equivalent to single probe measurement systems. Since then, SATIMO has continuously improved its technology to reach higher frequency band and serve new markets.

Inter-comparison measurement campaigns are regularly performed with certified measurement laboratories and are available upon request.