Insight Software
Thanks to an innovative formulation of the inverse electromagnetic problem, INSIGHT is the first software able to compute authentic electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near fields on your antenna under test from measured near- or far-field data.

Main Features

  • 1. Speed up antenna development
  • 2. Diagnose antenna radiation pattern
  • 3. Calculate safety perimeters
  • 4. Investigate the measurement setup
  • 5. Filter the measurement
  • 6. Detect spurious radiation
  • 7. Extrapolate truncation areas
  • 8. Source for numerical computation: The EQC is a highly accurate source for numerical computations of the antenna in a larger EM problem
    • 3D equivalent electric and magnetic current distribution reconstruction
    • Innovative algorithm approach
    • Currents to near-field transformation
    • Definition and discretization of 3D surface
    • Cutting-edge 3D viewer
    • Animated current visualization
    • Powerful filtering capabilities