Project Management

Our sales teams work closely with our customers to develop solutions that are customized to specific requirements. Our project managers are trained to guide customers through the whole process, from purchase through design, delivery and installation. After installation, our service engineers guarantee prompt support via telephone or on-site visits.
Finally, we offer service plans including factory and extended warranties, software support, and preventive maintenance as well as training services.

Project Management Cycle

1/ Consult
- Open-minded discussions with end users
- Site visits
- Solutions assessment
- Facility assessment

- Project planning
- Chamber configuration
- Data collection and analysis
- RF & mechanical schemes
- Power & error budget
- Mechanical & RF simulation

3/ Manufacture
- Production planning
- Quality control through dedicated procedures

4/ Integrate
- Factory subsystems testing
- Packaging, shipping
- Customs clearance paperwork

5/ Deploy
- Implementation
- Testing
- Calibration
- Commissioning
- Certification

6/ Maintain
- Remote and on-site technical support
- Periodic calibration
- Optimization refresh